Seeds, Seeds, Everywhere Seeds.  The Problem is seeds are not all equal.   The seeds that are sold at your big box retailer are non-heirloom seeds.  Well what does that mean?  Non-heirloom seeds or hybrid seeds are not designed to have seeds that will produce viable plants after the initial crop.  So, how do you get great seeds and plants every crop?  You need to use Heirloom seeds so that you, your family and love one’s can survive.


We personally recommend Wabash Feed Store.  The main reason we support this store is the quality of the seeds are great, pricing is awesome and you have to support your local business wherever you may be. When buying heirlooms you need to make sure you are buying seeds to be grown in your zone. It would be pointless to have Red Wheat in southern Texas, which will not grow here, but will grow in Colorado in the winter time.


Wabash Feed Store

4537 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77018

Phone: (713) 863-8322

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