Cold Blast Lanterns

I was recently asked about kerosene Lanterns or White Gas lanterns, and while this not a subject I have thought much about in the past. I recommend either, but for more robust use, I would highly recommend the Cold Blast Hurricane Lantern. I first used the Cold Blast Hurricane Lanterns while I was at Camp Powhatan on the Blue Ridge Mountains Council Reservation Scout Camp. I worked here as the Camp Quartermaster for four summers as well as during Order of the Arrow events. Part of my job there was to maintain the lanterns and rebuild them as necessary.



The globe was really the only part you had to be careful with, unless you were trying to use it for a hammer..but you would be amazed at what people do sometimes. The only other hazard was to make sure you did not turn the wick (flat type) down too far it fell in (takes a bit to fish out) or across thread the cap. If you someone you know in your survival group collects Aladdin Oil Lamps, these will work well, except they are prone to breakage easily-but parts are readily available until the lights go out for good.


In a survival situation having light, when there is none available will help boost morale, but used improperly can lead to disastrous situations. Kerosene if properly stored has a shelf life from three years to many years. We had a 55 gallon drum of K1 we used for over five years in the woods of Virginia and it only became questionable at the tail end of the fourth year, but still was usable until the fifth year.

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